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“ Tara is an absolute pleasure to work with; she is approachable, personable, and supportive and has a fantastic business mind. “
— Clodagh Doyle Placelift

Who is Tara?

Why should you prick your ear up and listen to me?

If you vomit at the thought of planning for your Business, then pay attention. 

If you struggle with yourself every Thursday in front of the mirror trying to keep motivated and have developed several personalities to deal with this working on your own bullshit, then pay attention.

Are you cross eyed looking at 289 open tabs on your computer, bouncing from one thing to the next, never finishing anything and wondering why you have ZERO digits in your bank account?

Do you go to networking events wishing for a telephone box to appear so all the beige and grey people can shuffle in, do a twirl and come out wearing a wonderwoman outfit?

( Yes that is for the men too, how FUN! )

Do you like orange and do not get offended by swear words and honest opinion? 

Welcome to the land of Biscuits!

I began hustling at 19.

I walked into a smelly rundown restaurant with a tiny budget and transformed the space into something else. It was known as The Cafe with the Couch.

Yes it had a large Couch.

I was 19 and employed 16 people, two were younger than me. That was my first challenge.


Managing people, both my employees and my customers. Running a restaurant was like theater to me. Everything had to be set a certain way to achieve that desired result. This took planning and a unique ability to create something tangible and get 'the people' behind what you do. 

This is how I educated myself about building a Brand. 

I did not educate myself from a book, not from a University lecturer, not from a guru. 

My education came from living it.


I reached an important point in the business, hitting forecasted revenue targets at 23 years old, wondering WHY and WHAT was my purpose! ( As you do at 23 right! )

I decided to leggit.

I sold the business and hopped on a plane and travelled for almost two years. 

Returning home with 50 million notebooks full of business ideas, I realised I was destined for this journey. I opened my second business in 2006 again in the hospitality arena.

( I have a thing for food : you would've guessed! ) I was truly passionate about this start - up process and realised it was the Brand building part, I was particularly good at. 


Then the shit hit the fan, economic crash.


90% of the businesses in the area were closing but I refused to let this baby go down without a fight. Stubborn in other words.

I survived by stripping it back and changing the business model... FAST. Then like any smart business person I sold it, as soon as I got it to a sellable status. 

Phew! There is nothing like a good exit strategy to keep hairs on your chest.

I have an aptitude for business, a passion for people and I want YOU to learn and succeed just like I have.

Biscuit was baked after moving to Dublin almost 3 years ago but I officially jumped out of my soul destroying receptionist job ( for another story but jeeny mac, how miserable I was answering phones and stapling paper ) in January 2015.

Over the last two years I have been privately coaching business owners in the Creative sector, check out CLIENT CRUNCH for a sample of what some of these guys have to say about me!  

I have set up a super engaged Community for Creatives people on Facebook. If you want to feel part of something bigger than just your work here is your invitation to request entry to Biscuit's Creative Community.


What else?

I am currently in the wings developing a platform. This platform of course has to have something to do with Biscuits right. It is called The Biscuit Factory and right now there are members, conversations, interviews, a gallery, videos, live chats and so much more...


Watch this space!