2 Free gifts for you PLUS my FAV productivity hack!

You have 20 tabs open...on a good day, more like 200 ( get real Tara like! )

You are a curious human whose tactile world is co-existing nicely (debatable) with the online world. 

You want to be part of everything YET you also want to be left alone so you can focus on making quality work.

Does this sound familiar?

Ok things get pretty confusing, right?

  • What should I be doing?
  • Why should I be doing it? 
  • Where the fuck should I start?

( * Grabbing soap to wash out my dirtaaay mouth! Whoop! * ) 

When you find yourself asking these questions on a regular basis, the obvious solution to keep you sane is;

  1. To dive into the distraction of shiny objects on the Internet
  2. Go back to that trusted work bench
  3. Dive head first into heavy caffeine drinking at 10am.

Been there!


These routines are common safety nets for the majority of Creative people.


 I want to tell you about the ONE thing

that changes everything in business. 


It begins with P.....





OK NO....


It is ...PLANNING! 


Don't start yawning...STAY WITH ME.


So you have a Creative mind and that is something to celebrate!

Whoop Yay Clap Woo!

Ok, that is done, now down to business.

Let's get that Creativity working for you in a different way.


For the Creative human Working from home; 

Specific Time Management Tips

  1. Include your kids/spouse in your daily activities to prevent ‘guilt’. Have your family help you in cleaning the kitchen, setting the table, doing dishes etc so that you double up your chores time with spending time with your family plus it will get this stuff done faster! 

  2. Write your main content like blog posts, newsletters & sales pages when you have allocated blocks of time in your day. 

  3. Do not use blocks of time for Social Media interaction. Social media interaction is dangerous as you can easily spend hours down the rabbit hole.  It can be done from your phone in a que, while you are waiting for your kids at the school gate or whilst half watching a movie with your partner. ( ssssssh say nothing! ) 

  4. Regarding Social Media : Content planning and scheduling are important tasks to engage in with blocks of your time. This is the chunk that needs your attention and brain power. 

Here is a Blog Post I wrote which dives deeper on

Top Tips for Working from Home.


To help you plan your Social Media posts, 

I have something for you.


You can download & edit this calendar online (click on the image below ) and keep it on your desktop, dropbox or print it out and populate with your trusted pen.


The key thing is...

Know the topic you want to talk about

BEFORE you sit down to deliver it.

This saves so much head space and time, instead of staring blankly at a screen wondering what you should post about. 

Are you delighted??

YAY! I hear you shout.

But if that YAY turns quickly into a...


" What am I going to put onto that calendar? Like what do I talk about? " Do not sweat, I have you covered. 


**Grabbing my daughters, superhero costume!**


I have put together a Workbook that will guide you and a video training that will talk you through it.


Click on the superhero!

NB: the video is a replay of a live webinar I did a while back. The feedback I got from people was SUPER so I want to share it with you now.

* You have clicked the two freebies above whoop! Now I know what Santa feels like *

You have downloaded your Social Calendar and after watching the video & looking at the workbook too, you have a formula for the following; 

What type of posts you should be looking at Creating around your Business. 


Now I feel like you have a more confident YAY!

Final step folks...you will want to watch this video below: I am about to share with you, my FAVOURITE productivity hack of all time ( and boy I have tried a lot!!! ) 


I swear by this method. 

You will see in this video how THE SCRUM works.  It is simple and effective and it gets all those thoughts and plans out of your busy mind so you can literally see what is really going on.

There is also a really great sense of satisfaction when you start moving those post-its around the board.

Oh Yeaaaaaaah!

You can Show Off your Scrum activity to the Biscuit community in here! 

#keepcreative #showofffriday 

Goals are super duper Important for Time Management and so are Post-Its!! 

So I want you to spend some time on my all time favourite P... PLANNING!



1. Sit down for a morning and really nail your buckets of content ( as explained in your workbook & video ) 

2. Then get your calendar and enter your content ideas. 

3. Next get your post-its and start SCRUM BOARDING!


If you have any questions please hop over to our Community Bite The Biscuit and tag me @taraboo or you can comment below. 


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Tara x