Lets get this Blog started Woman

It has been almost 14 months of procrastination ( that wee divil ) and I have finally just said,  'RIGHT!' let's get this blogging thing started woman!


I have battled with what I should say, how I should say it, what font, what colours, images....what I should wear ( Eh it's writing a blog Tar!! ) ...oh holy CRAP!!!  could I ask myself any more questions. 


So to begin.......My name is Tara Prendergast.


Ageing happily.

I began my career at 19 when I put on a blindfold, opened a 60 seater restaurant and sold it four years later at it's forecasted peak. 

Continued on my path to college to obtain a PR, Advertising & Marketing qualification. 

Skipped off travelling the world for two years ( sigh*staring into space) then returned, skinny, tanned and eager for more.

Opened my second business in hospitality.

It was a premium product in the lunch trade market.

The Irish economic crash catapulted me into having to quickly re-jig the business model.

We survived and The Berries was sold in two weeks, four years later. Phew!

Throw violently to the life pot - a baby! ( a pretty cheek suckingly gorgeous lil girl at that). As with all huge life changing occurrences it made me re-assess my professional choices, once the last business sold in 2011.

What to do now? What am I really good at? Hmmmmm.....


  • Creating lovable brands.

  • Selling stuff.

  • Motivating people.

  • Planning and execution ( I like to call it *Getting Shit Done* )

  • Empowering people interested in business.

  • Making money.

  • Being Creative and strategic at the same time! 


Unknown to myself my next business was hatching. I was asked to assist a well established local restaurant with their marketing & in-house processes. That I did and BINGO! this is where I can add value.

As a business consultant.

We moved to another city which was my first challenge after the hallelujah! 

I was respected and well known from doing business in Cork city Ireland, and so clients were not difficult to source. 

I now had to begin building my brand, Tara Prendergast in a new city.

So planning a lead generation process, sales strategy and account management procedures were top of the list.

In other words....


  • I figured out how to get people interested in my services.
  • How to turn that interest into getting paid 
  • How to deliver SUPER DUPER value to my clients.

Several happy small business owners later, I formally set up my new business.


That is it.

I bit the Biscuit


Now to share knowledge, inspiration & love of being an entrepreneur.