That Four Letter Word...F...

You know this feeling.

It is that four letter word beginning with F that can suck the life out of you. It is the main thing that stops the majority of Artists achieve the professional life they always dream of. 

Do you wonder what it would be like to make a living from painting or crafting your Art?

Do you dream about your studio space in the garden, pots of coffee and the smell of oils?

Do you yearn for media recognition, for your Creations to be published in that oh so glossy gorgeous know the one! 

Have you resigned to the fact that this is for OTHER people, not you. 


You have been coated in the F word.......FEAR!!!! 


FEAR of failure. FEAR of criticism. FEAR of being rejected from the Art World. 

It is so nice to be tucked up with your Creative blinkers on, happily making.

This is where you feel the most at ease.

But when it comes to SELLING yourself and your creations your heart skips a beat. 

' I will sound like a pompas twat telling people how great I am '

' What if they don't like my work and nobody else wants to buy....what do I do then'

' That magazine won't publish my work, it is not THAT good!! '

Does this sound familiar?

Would you like to punch FEAR in the ass! 

How are you going to do this...? 

Check out my next Blog post....HOW TO PUNCH FEAR IN THE ASS & GET YOUR WORK OUT THERE!