• You are a maker, crafter, culinary wizard.

  • You dream of financial freedom from your Art.

  • You have customers who LOVE your product, but you need more customers who can afford to pay a higher price.

  • You have lots of ideas and dreams of what you can achieve.

  • You are allergic to stuffy Networking events and prefer to talk directly to Art lovers over a coffee in the local café.


Firstly you are not alone. 



But how come there are Creatives out there that make a great living from what they do…I hear you ask!! Why do you see the same people in magazines & paper articles. 

Do you feel like you can never match these guys and will always be in the shadows looking in.

Have you resigned to the fact that it is ‘Who you know’, rather than ‘What you do’?



Honestly, there is a wee element of this in society especially in the Art scene, BUT perhaps not the way you think. Ok, this category of business has huge amounts of hob-nobby, dahling sweety, air kisses etc but let's look at this and what it really means.


It is called Networking. In business, it is essential to Network within your industry and beyond. Whether you are an Accountant, an Architect..( ok move from ‘A’ Tara! ) a Fitness Instructor or a Solicitor, you have to get YOU out there.



This is the era of Business made Personal.


The point is….unless you move outside your comfort zone of your Creative space, then you are limited to where you can push your business. That lush secure spot where anything and everything happens, where you can get lost and feel truly yourself…I know the one. What I have learnt is that unless you put on your armour and face people; customers, critics, media and peers you will not evolve and grow as a person who is leading your business.

These people are just like you. They have insecurities and the FEAR about themselves and what they do, too! Even the glossy magazine crew! Do not ever think anyone is better or more talented than you. The only difference is they have overcome, that little fecker of a word…


Let's see how YOU can kick it in the ass. Pass the first coat of armour, please!



That dreaded question....

So, what do you do?

Oh crap…how do I answer this? 


‘Eh, I am an artist. I also make brooches and lampshades and em... I do everything really. I can do anything!...’

So this is not good enough when you are representing a business. There is no clarity. Because this is YOU and what you create it is quite hard, I get that. 

If you are in a more defined role - like jewellery?

So whether you are ‘AN ARTIST’ or in a more specific trade like ‘A GOLDSMITH’ please answer the following – these answers are the Biscuit Base™ for your business. The foundation of what you build your business around.

Firstly identify your IDEAL customer. Be very clear that not everyone who purchases or is interested in purchasing your product or service, is your ideal market.

I want you to think about an avatar that you want to sell to. Where you see your product sitting.

Answer the following...

1.Where do they live?

2.What are income & occupation levels?

3.Where do they shop?

4.How would you describe them?

5.What are their interests?

6.What are their attitudes & values?

7.What are their needs?

8.What do they know about you?

9.What media do they engage in?

10.What linked businesses do they engage with?

Once you have done this and YES it is a head wreck, then break it down into one snappy sentence.


How? Fill in these gaps.

I work with (your target nichethat are experiencing (main pain pointand are looking for ( your main offering )

I help them by (how you help themso they can ( what your service does for them

I can provide them with ( your key offering ) so they can ( marketing goal )


For reference my position statement is:

I work with (Creative Entrepreneurs ) that are experiencing (growth challenges with their businesses) and are looking for (tools and coaching in an engaging and passionate way.)

I help them by (sharing my years of businesses experience and passion for The Creative) so they can  (clarify and grow).

I can provide them with (business insight, knowledge of tools to make their processes easier and share my passion to motivate them) so they (can achieve their business goals.)


If you would like some help with this position statement drop me an email or pop over to our growing Community of Creative entrepreneurs.