Top 19 resources for some Creative Inspiration

There are so many times when that big black block of ' I am going to wreck your head' hits you right in the face. What are you talking about Tara?

Creative block.

You know the one. You sit at your desk and all you can manage to think about is the shopping you need to do, how large your thighs look on this chair or how many times you have gone over your clients brief but...

...nothing comes.


What can we do to get some inspiration?

Look at other Creatives work and read some good blogs in your field. This usually does the trick right? 

Next problem...which ones should I delve into, there are so many. 

I have had a look on the owl t'internet and came up with a few reference points for you. I hope this helps the painful block and if nothing else you can take some time out and keep that eyeball massaged.


Graphic Design

1. Logo Design Love: Stuck on a logo? This blog shows lots of different logos from around the globe.
2. Design Work Life: Design Work Life is a daily blog published by Seamless Creative, whose purpose is to share a love of design through daily design-centric inspiration.
3. Graphic Exchange: Fabien Barral is a happy graphic designer whose innovative and unique designs attract clients from around the world. In 2008 he joined forces with his wife Frédérique to create “Harmonie intérieure”, a business and brand that pushes poster and wall sticker design beyond the limits we expect from a commercial undertaking. Fabien also runs the “graphic-exchange” blog, a popular online venue for graphic designers.


1. Drawn:Drawn is all the daily dose you'll need to be inspired by a whole range of different artwork.
2. Pikaland: Quirky, cute and fun - this blog offers everything an illustrator needs, including interesting artwork to drool over and opportunities to collaborate and get involved.
3. Ape on the Moon:A popular source of inspiration for illustrators worldwide.


1. AdGoodness: A blog about advertising and graphic design.
2. AdFreak: AdWeek's very own blog about advertising, sharing advertising from around the world.
3. AdPulp: A blog on a mission to make better communications.
4. AdRants: This site shares advertising and marketing news while following the latest advertising trends.


1. The Big Picture: Inspiring news stories in pictures.
2. Guardian In Pictures: The Guardian's own popular 'news in pictures' section. And if you download the iPad app you'll be able to follow 'pro tips', learning how to take similar shots.
3. 50mm: An inspiring blog by photographer Sean Wood... just as you'd hope and expect - great shots that dominate the web page and allow easy browsing.


1. Juxtapoz: A beautiful website featuring emerging artists and illustrators, along with the occasional erotic artworks. A must.
2. Contemporary Daily Art: One of the most famous art blogs, offering a real dose of inspiration to art lovers worldwide.
3. Supersonic Art: A new contemporary art blog curated by Zach Tutor, also with a substantial following on Tumblr.

Interior Design

1. Design Sponge: A stunning blog showcasing inspiring house tours and before and after DIY projects. 
2. Apartment Therapy: An American blog that covers just about anything and everything to do with interior design - an online bible for interior designers.
3. Bodie and Fou: A blog by Karine Candice Köng, a French stylist and blogger.


Right! There ya have it. That should keep you busy for a day or two.

Don't forget to take a walk and unplug. Ramble up the road and look at stuff you trip over, you don't know how that could spark what you need.

Be proud of what you have done.

Be happy with what you have right now and always always #keepcreative.