Do you need a Website FAST!

You have a product or a service.

You have some customers but hey you want MORE!


Before you start banging out Facebook posts, Tweets, Pins and LinkedIn articles you really need to get a Website. In fact I suggest you try to pick one social platform, and your Website.

Remember social platforms are there to drive traffic to your site! 

You can always add to this once you get your brain around this activity.


Get them up and running and launch them together. Being in the Creative space I would highly recommend Facebook or Pinterest due to the onus being on image. Personally I went with Facebook as you can use Facebook to target your message. 


OK what are your options?

Help!! If this sounds like you, do not worry - there is help out there.


  • Have you a teeny tiny budget and to pay a web designer is way beyond your reach.


  • Are you really crap at techy stuff and the thought of setting up a site makes you toes curl.


  • Do you want a SuPER easy and an even more SuPER fast solution.


  • Do you want to be able to pick and choose fonts, colours and have functionality explained.

If you are on the fence then check these bad boys out.....


These Website providers use templates which make it really easy for you to design your site. Click and drag kinda thang! Yay! 



 1. Squarespace 

* 14 free trial - you can play with it first yay!

* Amazing 24/7 online support 

* Gorgeous templates - focusing on clean lines and a polished finish

* All sites cost you something - from $8 to $24 per month.

* Super easy to use but with some techy bits

** No Free options 

** Can be a bit overwhelming in relation with decision making and all the different apps


2. Weebly

* FREE options yayayaya!!

* The easiest option to and drag - no techy bits

* A good range of templates and growing



2. Wix

* Alot of FREE options 

* Easy to set up and navigate

* Drag and drop - nice for lots of images

* Lots of connections to support throughout 

** Templates can be somewhat crowded



Ok Biscuits - I hope this helps!

Have a play with these options - I had loads of fun!


See ya next week! 


If you are feeling a bit shy about your work and need a good shake - check out this blog post - it may hit home a bit!


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