Top 5 Tips To Get Your Products Into That Glossy Magazine

Now we are going to get down to the nitty-gritty. You have been doing a bit of 'soul searching' and have had a good chat to yourself in the mirror about the 'Fear' of pushing yourself forward.

Hey, if Laura Weyl can do it.

I know what you are thinking;  

  • OK I get it.
  • Now give me some real life tips
  • Tips I can actually put into practice to get my Creations out there.
  • Tell me how to get my products into that Glossy.

So here are my top 5 tips that will get you on the path to seeing your Creations in your favourite glossy magazine.

1. List your top 3 magazines 

Be careful with this. You may love reading these particular magazines - you adore the content, the imagery and the smell of them.  What I want you to do, is to identify your ideal customer - the one that loves your product, that purchases your creation and skips happily away with it in tow. The customer that tells his/her friends about you and what you create. You know the one!  

Ask yourself - does this loyal, ideal customer of mine love to read my top 3 magazines? Reeeeaaalllyyyyyy? if you are not 100% sure DO NOT ASSUME.

Assuming in business DOES NOT CUT IT! 

If unsure please do yourself and ART lovers a favour, ask that ideal customer.

' Howya Josie, what are YOUR top 3 magazines - what do you love to read and why? Thanks a million! ' 

Now go back to your list - do they cross over? 

Purpose of this exercise - A. To get closer to your ideal customer B. To understand that what you love to read/look at/talk about, may not necessarily resonate with your target audience.

2. Identify the correct journalist for that publication

So now you have narrowed the choice down to your target customers, top 3 magazines. Go to the shop, grab a frothy latte on the way home or head to the cafe and nestle down to read a sample of these publications. Have a look at featured content that is relevant to your work. If you are a jewellery designer you can pin point a few key things.

  1. Who writes about new designers. 
  2. Who styles shoots for the magazine.
  3. Who is the fashion editor.

Create an excel sheet - saving it as 'PRESS PEOPLE' or  'PR PEEPS' or 'HUMANS THAT WRITE STUFF ABOUT STUFF'...or what ever the feck ya want! 

Details to gather - Contact  name, twitter handle , contact number, email address. If you cannot seem to find it anywhere online then call the office and ask for it.

So now you have your target publications and who you want to connect with in there. Boom we are getting somewhere....



3. Remember journalists are lazy...oops I mean busy..!

Yes I know I know, this is a generalist statement but from listening to  several journalists and dealing with them through my career, I have come to the conclusion that journalists are a wee bit lazy when it comes to copy. This is vital knowledge for business owners.

Yes yes journalists - ye guys are really really busy too...yes yes we know...(!)

Cool so now let's make journalists really HAPPY ! and give them copy they can just regurgitate. Make it clear, concise, relevant and give them a super high res image to boot. Not only will this level of connection build a strong PR brand with your target journalists, it will also reflect your actual brand, in itself.

You want to create a consistent message to your media buddies...I will give you high resolution gorgeous images, relevant copy for your magazines target market and I will send it to you every 3 weeks like this. You can count on me to be consistent, give value and be creative ( just like my product! )

Are you with me?


4. Press Release

Where to start with this one. This is always a tricky one as we all know our BFF journalists get gazillions of press releases into their inbox every day. Why will your one stand out. 

I always say to my clients - do not over think or spend too much of your precious time on press releases. These guys sift their way through press releases like flicking through american cable channels - keep it simple and easy for you.

1. The subject line in your email - this needs to be strong, to sell what information you have and to entice the reader to click open the email. I recommend you use your creative skill-set here and think like your target publicist. How has your journalist used headlines in her copy to date. More often than not each journalist has a particular style - use this knowledge and connect with him on this.

2. Consider running your press releases from your Mailchimp account - this way you can monitor what has been clicked on and what has not. If you do not have a Mailchimp account then directly from your work inbox is cool too. 

3. The first 3 lines of your Press Release has to be an extension of your tag line. Make sure the opening line of your email is the subject line again- this is your header. Pump out the information from this subject line.

For example :

Subject line of email :  Let your inner animal out with a RAAAWWWR print from Wow Goldsmith & co. 

First line of email : Let your inner animal out with this RAAAWWWR print from Wow goldsmith & co. ( In bold )

Wow goldsmith & co have developed a unique animal print collection incorporating wild striking stripes and bold patterns to give the powerful female alot to shout about!

After this bit of  information, give your few lines of a bio on your company and product in general with links to social and website.

4. Make sure you are to the point - no waffle bwaffle - check spellings ( ha lucky this is NOT a press release ) punctuation and do not use bad language. Even though you are a creative and I am all about expression - you are just making work for your journalist friend. Try to avoid this added angst, at all costs!

5. End the release with where they can purchase your product, price ranges, contact details, phone number, twitter handle and link it all out to your website. 

6. One more thing - mention in the footer that you have PICS attached. 


5. Last but NOT least...The Follow Up Call!

You may never get to speak to this journalist, but you can try! 

The first stage of this process is the easiest to break into a wee relationship...

1. MAKE CONTACT Hey I have just sent you over a Press release - I wanted to see did you get it?

2. BE HONEST & BE YOU I am just starting out sending Press releases - is that format ok? 


Ask them is  there anything they hate to see in Press releases for future reference! 

If you cannot get chatting to your new BFF journalist then continue the Press Crunch. 

* Be consistent in your delivery and timing

* Be true to your brand

* Be relevant to the publication's audience and your IDEAL customer 

Don' t forget to engage with them on Social!