If You Married Your Cousin Would It Halt Your Creativity?

I have been thinking about what Sparks our Creativity.

Also about what Extinguishes our Creativity.

If I.....

  1. Grew up in a town,
  2. Went to school,
  3. Dated a neighbour,
  4. Went to college,
  5. Got hammered...alot,
  6. Got a job, 
  7. Married that neighbour

( ok not my cousin, even though I have some pretty HOT cousins )

Would I have Sparked my Creativity in the way I have, to date?

Knowing my personality, I would hand on heart say; 

'NO WAY!' 

People say to me; Tara you were born Creative and have always been living slightly on 'the otherside' of reality.

I really do not know where they get this from! (sarcasm)!

Biscuit 048.jpg

I agree with my innate ability to use the right side of my brain, but I believe that if I had stayed put and not ventured out into the world, travelled, explored places, people and myself, I would be very much like this....

Not really ME eh! I would have always been an ambitious and a focused person but, in tune with my real voice?

My point is - if we do not leave the comfort and security of home and its trappings, if we live in that BOX we have been put into since birth. You know the one;

* The joker

* The quiet one

* The smart one

* The lazy fecker

* The dreamer

* The not so smart one

* The pretty one

Will we ever truly ignite our Creativity to a flame larger than we thought possible?

Comfort and security of routine and familiarity can breed FEAR of thinking big. Of wanting that business, that empire. It seems like it is for the 'others', not for me. 

Do not get me wrong - I am not saying that there are no successful Creative people living in their hometown, but I wonder is the Creative journey that bit harder, when you are 'expected' to be a certain way? When being the ambitious Creative one, is not nurtured but questioned, as you are in the minority. 

If you are surrounded by the people you grew up with,  do you feel inspired?

Do you feel empowered?

Hallelujah for the Internet.

If you are on your Creative path and have no intentions of moving city or country then engage with groups, real life and online. Make sure you surround yourself with people that inspire you.

A quote I love by an inspirational entrepreneur John Rohn, 

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” 

Think about that one.

Until next week.

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