Do Not Give Up - Take 52!!!

This may contain a rude word!

The first video of my FREE (I cannot stop using caps for this word)  online course went out at 11.54pm Saturday night - 6 minutes before my deadline hit.

So many frustrated foul mouthed takes, and such huge admiration for people that go live on air!

Take a look at some of my takes, if for nothing else but a giggle. Cringe but hey ya have to start somewhere eh!

The point is, keep at it until you nail it!

The end video actually turned out quite well and my first 162 students have given some great feedback. I gave myself till March 1st to send it out.

I am a Creative person that works well under pressure, but I also need deadlines to hit my goals. I have learnt that unless you are accountable for a deadline you will wash your hair, clean the fridge, hoover, make a list of all the important things that need to be re-arranged under the stairs and just about anything BUT what you are supposed to do.

This is a trait that has prevented me from finishing so many projects. Perhaps it is because I have always worked for myself and I have had no-one to question my actions or challenge my choices.

BLISS! Yell many of you PAYE workers - actually it is bliss and I wouldn't have it any other way but it is also a curse. Procrastination and a high volume of shampoo usage fill an entrepreneurs timeline unless there is something or someone that pushes the end result.

I use my Blog and my audience as my accountability partner - Thanks y'awl! 

I set deadlines and I work my ass off to reach them. Yes my husband is wondering what I look like and my bottom is slowly morphing into the shape of my chair ( go back to yoga ) but I am hitting those deadlines and I feel like Mighty Mouse!

So my point is - no matter how difficult your current project seems, no matter how dull and monotonous it has become - give yourself a deadline and put it out there. Ask a friend or colleague to be your accountability partner, post it on your social platform or even better head over to BITE THE BISCUIT Group on Facebook - this community is open, Creative and a huge support. 

Get it up somewhere and become accountable and start hitting those goals!


Until next week!


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