The Birth of The Creative Entrepreneur

We all have a vision of the 'Artist'.

On one hand; a passionate skilled individual - Creating, Making, Innovating. Drinking strong coffee and listening to loud Jazz music, tucked away in a bright airy room. Visitors include artisans, poets and revolutionary thinkers.

The air is tangible - the possibilities are endless.


On the other hand; a passionate skilled Creative. A large bottle of water to rid that furry tongue only Arthur Guinness could mow down.

Endless notebooks of every colour and pattern, an enthusiastic but penniless human, puzzled how to make it all work. The reality is a mix of both.

What needs to change is for Artists to look at their talent, skill and natural ability as a 'business' not just as an 'artist'

The Birth Of The Creative Entrepreneur.


You can Draw, Paint, Craft, Make - you have tons of Creations but how to actually turn then into a product. Continually Making, Crafting and Painting will not create a product you can actually sell. Yes, you can sell your paintings at fairs, even get them into Galleries - indeed, if that is your Business plan then spot on. If you want to sell your Fine Art creations to Galleries perhaps even retail spaces, then you set that goal and you create a Business plan to make it happen. 


My question is - What is your goal. Do you have one? 


If you are already trading as a Graphic designer, Goldsmith, Photographer, Illustrator you know where you want to position yourself in the Marketplace. Where does your level of expertise sit and what Business Model do you have, to support this position. 

For eg: You believe you provide a luxury product. You produce hand crafted, originally designed pieces. You spend time with your clients to understand their desires. You bring this product to the market with attention to detail, craftsmanship & skill. 

My Q: Does your Branding, Website, Customer Experience & Packaging reflect this vision? Most importantly - Does your pricing reflect this vision?




I stepped in on a thread recently - the topic was

'How much is a logo these days..?..'

It catapulted me into three different mindsets.


1.The SME who wanted a logo but couldn't understand paying more than a few hundred quid. A lady who got her logo done for €60 and gafawwwwed at the thought of paying more than that; 'if Maryjane could do it for that, how come other designers can't...' 

Because Maryjane has either zero confidence, is just out of rehab or is so shite she can't believe someone gave her money for her work.


2. The freelance designer who briefly posted he charges 3k and opted out of the mass 'rage against the designer fee' rant, fairly lively. 

Not a bad choice mate!


3. The  designer who charges very competitively to give SME's a service and product they can afford.

I wanted to jump into my car and drive to No.3' studio, hoping I would find a tightly run business focusing on volume, and strict time enforced project conditions.

This way the Business Model could work. Cheap, good quality but we are banging them out, and not spending half a day sitting down with our clients chatting it out.

Somehow I doubt this would be the case. Her heart and vision screamed 'lovely' - she was putting SME's first and giving them a service they could afford.

This unnerves me and frustrates me - why not put YOU first!  Can YOU afford to work like this?  


So my point comes down to this -

This world is full of Creative people - many work super hard but never make any money and have to work a side job to survive. Their Art becomes a hobby and each weekend is their highlight, to plug into their Creative world and feel alive again, until Monday morning that is!

Then there are the Artists who work super hard, plugging themselves into the world of Business and how the whole thing works. They push themselves out of comfort zones, collaborate with similar artists, experiments, educates and yes may have to work a side job to support the projects in hand initially, but the side job is seen as a sort of  hobby, not the other way around.

My advice to any Artist who is interested in Re-birth.

  • Talk to a friend or family member who is from an Entrepreneurial backgroun, listen & learn.

  • Go to networking events and begin building confidence in this type of social environment.

  • Look at your skill set - what do you love to do the most, what gives that Friday Feeling!

  • Figure out your Ideal customer, your Target market & your Niche.

  • Keep Creative and use this to come up with an angle for what you do.


It is hard work but as Jim Rohn said - 

" The ultimate reason for setting goals is to entice you into becoming the person it takes to achieve them " 


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