Capture your business high for future productivity.

I sat in a friends house Saturday night having dinner. Great company, music, conversation and a home filled with ideas, paintbrushes and Creativity - the way I like it.

Not only this, but this home has also nurtured a smart street-wise 14-year-old lady named Teia, who had been given a  brief for a school essay...write 1400 words about 'LOVE'.

Wow to ask a 14-year-old to write about LOVE..a mean feat no?

Apparently not.

The script that followed the cheese board proved insightful, honest and pretty impressive for a lady of such youth. What got me thinking though, was the quote Teia presented from Shakespeare.( Thanks Teia )


We all can relate to this one right.

It is never smooth.

Whether it be your partner, sibling, pet, friend or what ever relationship category we encounter, there are always ups & downs.

We can also relate this to an area of our lives, that takes up most of our time and mental effort.


Our Creative businesses.


It will never be smooth, that is for sure.


From my years of running my own businesses I came to terms with that. I wonder is that what keeps us in there - that challenge and push to try to achieve a smooth stroke.

When we do get it BOOM! it is the best feeling in the world.

You feel empowered, smart, in control and like nothing is impossible. How can we keep that feeling when things turn upside down.


Perhaps we should make a video of how we feel at that moment. The week where clients are super happy, there are lots of calls looking for our services/products, Creative juices are flowing nicely and even our face seems younger and much more inviting.

Let us try to capture it.

If you are having one of those weeks - do yourself a favour, make a wee video for yourself and save it. I am just going to do mine now.....


Never give up.

Keep focused and remember #keepcreative.