My Night With Russell Brand

Yes, I have been sharing my bed with Russell Brand quite regularly of late.

It is quite disturbing really with my new husband lying next to me.

During our evenings antics, there were lots of discussions, plasters and reassuring hugs. I always feel like I am acting in a 'Mammy' kind of way (not by choice I may add, I would much prefer the hot cool blonde version).

The scene demonstrates caring gestures, manic applications of plasters and most of all trying to soothe, the injured and insecure Russell Brand

Ok this is a dream sequence. A repetitive one.

During breakfast one morning, I revealed my night-time celebrity hug fest. Arched eyebrows followed by laughter and this statement that put it all in perspective;

" Tar you are Brand obsessed! "

A nervous Ha Ha later.

Jahsis, has it gone that far? Ok,  I am Brand obsessed in the non-second name version. I love branding, creating them, growing them and helping Brands survive, but holy moly surely my subconscious brain hasn't linked Russell Brand with my obsession, just because of his surname!!!!

On further reflection, of course, it did not. The link?

He has been absolutely AMAZING at building his Brand. So if you would like to build your Brand just like my dreamy Brand.

Follow some Social Media tips

1. Keep your social relevant

It is pretty broad for our Russell - he covers a multitude. Politics, religion, celebrity trappings, name it, he has had an opinion. Be clear, what is your key message is; Spirituality, Lifestyle Art, Quality Craftsmanship, Mindful Art, Passion for food,   - whatever your core value is - align your posts with this. 

2. Keep it regular

It may seem a wee bit of a head wreck come Friday afternoon, WTF am I going to post now like!??  I use a great tool called Hootsuite. This lets me schedule in posts at the start of the week. No matter what happens then I have a basic stream of activity to my social platforms. There is a cool little tool within this platform called Hootlet. Check it out.

3. Engage with what happening

Don't shy away from what is happening in the world. If there is relevancy to your business/brand then share your thoughts on it. 

4. Use camera /video

The more use of image and video, the more engaged a visitor will become. Hey, as artists we all know the power of a Visual right! 

5. Be transparent

A very admirable and smart move that our Russell demonstrates-honesty. Before any media sharks can try to shine light, on his sordid past - Brand shows us the whole lot. There are no hidden truths. What you see is what you get, warts n all. I have made mistakes, I will make mistakes - this strengthens any human brand. 

6. Be Authentic

Whatever you do - be YOU! Do not try to be someone you aspire to, use their language, copy their style. If you are not comfortable with it, then your audience will see right through it. Do it your way.

I am off now to have a warm milk and really hope Russell will be much better tonight. I might be lucky and get an owl smooch off him, the Ride! (Irish slang for extremely attractive).

Plasters - check* Hugs - check* Mammy apron - check * Anti-wrinkle cream -check * 

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