Top 5 Tips To Make Sales On Etsy


An online global platform that focuses on selling craft to an audience of 19.8 million active buyers.

Cha-ching, get my shop up there, upload images with competitive prices and sit back.

Ahem! It is not as simple as that.

There are currently 1.4million active sellers on Etsy, so the competition is pretty high. 

How are you going to get your shop noticed?

Well firstly lets see can you actually make a decent income from Etsy?

Is it a myth or are there people actually making this happen?

Mother-of-three Alicia Shaffer’s business which turns $80,000 a month, in part via her Etsy shop—which adds up to an annual revenue of $960,000! Not bad eh!

Stats shows though, that  Etsy shop owners feel lucky to sell 10 pieces a month, and make less than $100 from their shops in a year. 

So how does Ms.Shaffer's craft business ThreeBirdNest do it? 

She receives an average of 150 orders per day, consisting of usually three items. During holiday periods, this goes up to 1200 per day! Ch Ch Cha -Ching!

Shaffer's designs—including socks, leg warmers, boho scarves and lace headbands, as well as T-shirts that read "Feed Me And Tell Me I’m Pretty"—look like they might appeal to a certain type of trendy earth mama, but they certainly do not scream million-dollar business. ( Never judge a book...)

Her price point ranges from $4 for a fabric cuff bracelet to $38 for a floral circle scarf. 

Is this shop secretly sewing some addictive substance into the seams of those lacy leg warmers?

Not quite sure about that so let's drill down and get jiggy with the Etsy. 

( I am so down with the kids y'awl - mid-life crisis looming )




TIP #1 



One of the first ports of call, is to do some research on current successful sellers.

  • How are they presenting their work,

  • How they use their banners,

  • How they present their shop sections,

  • Image presentation,

  • Titles,

  • Tags....just to start.

Even if these shops sell something completely different from you, you can still learn. One thing ThreeBirdNest does very well, is to use an attractive lady (Alicia's sister) to model her creations. 

How do I know who is selling lots of stuff on Etsy?

Check this website out - it will reveal all!



TIP #2


Just like anything you want a real income from, you have to look at this shop front like a real life business. If you want a return from your time and investment you need to strategise, educate and evolve. Like any business, there is no magic wand. It takes focus and motivation to get it right. Take a look at this article from Handmadeology - 8 articles you must read before you embrace the big E! 


TIP #3


Product Photography should be top of your list when it comes to your shop. Shoppers can not touch and handle your items, your pictures need to be super duper, to get their attention.  Detailed, clean, clear, not too dark, and from different angles.  After a shopper looks at all 5 pictures they should feel like they have picked up the item and looked it over and are ready to take it to the cash register and buy! Here is a huge list of product photography tips for Etsy sellers.

 How to Use Daylight and Flash to Make Your Products Stand Out

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TIP #4


This is always the most confusing demotivating part of any Crafters selling process; PRICING! Agggggh! run away run away! I always advise people to really get to grips with the following before you decide on a price for what you are selling.

  • How much it costs to make
  • How much time goes into it
  • How much shipping costs.

Here are a few articles that might help you on the all-consuming price war.

How Much Time Are You Really Spending on Your Product?

For Time Intensive Handmade Items

Much Are Those Earrings? Pricing Tips For Etsy Sellers

The Price is Right? Tips for Pricing Your Handmade Goods



TIP #5


Make sure your items show up on Etsy's searches. Think like the customer and what they will actually search for. For example, if you give your product a name like ' juicy frutti tutti garland' no one will find it. Instead, opt for generic names like ' floral garland' or 'birthday party decoration'. This market place is so crowded the last thing you want is not to be found. Think unimaginative, uncreative listing names, that should do it!


It is possible to make sales from Etsy but be prepared to put the work in to get there. Read, educate and try different things until you hit the working model. Create a style of presentation that connects the visitor to your brand and the value it will bring to their lives.

A piece of jewellery - show it on a real person. Show every angle - let them fall in love with it and the image of how it will make them feel when they wear it.

An accessory - again show them different angles - open, closed - on a real live human.

An illustration - frame it and make it look ready to hang on the wall. Even if the print comes unframed - still sell your creation by showcasing how it could look in your living room. Framed, gorgeous and making your space feel like 'Home'.

There are several more tips and tricks with Etsy but lets start here,  to get you in the zone of getting jiggy with the big E.

Good luck!



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