Why Networking Events Can Evolve Too.


A huge majority of us have been exposed to the 'Networking' room. If you have not, it is a space for other business owners or managers to get together, talk shop, be inspired and to connect with like-minded people.

Some people use it as a sales platform. I personally use networking events as a time to learn and to connect with humans. Sitting for hours in front of a screen can get quite taxing and lonely.

I have experienced alot of networking meetings in the last 6 months. I have found some to be dull and some to be engaging. All of them to date have been in brightly lit hotel rooms with really bad wallpaper and carpet designed on acid.

As a quality driven addict, it kind of puts me off the whole thing but in the same breath, it is the connection with people that keeps me going back.

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Is Lighting An Decor Important To Everyone ?

As a Creative I find elements like decor, lighting and sound have a huge impact on how I react to my environment. 

Do you have to be a Creative for this to mean something?

I believe every human is influenced by these elements, this is why high-level hotels and 'experienced' based businesses spend so much money on getting the interior and service quality right.

Why does this stop at Networking Events?

Is it not important to create this for people attending these events too? or is it just a segment of the market who appreciate this alternative offering. 

Creatives perhaps?

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On reflection of this and because my audience are Creatives, I decided to begin to build an Online Community which mirrored my business morals and passions. 

Bite The Biscuit was born i nFebruary and has grown to a Community of almost 800 Creatives.

On Monday 22/06/15 we decided to meet up in real time, to I guess, Network!

It felt more like meeting a group of friends, as we had shared stories, our work and given each other support for the last 3 months, online.

Organising this and staying true to my Brand and my personal interests I decided to rock the Networking boat and bring it to an alternative space. 

We met in a light-filled area in a city centre bar in Dublin aptly called The Bar With No Name! 

The result?

  • Relaxed
  • Informal
  • Great music
  • Open atmosphere
  • Happy hand over of business cards
  • Collaborative conversation

The online Community created a foundation for an atmosphere pre-meet up. I wonder should all networing organisers use this tool to create more of an impact with their groups.

These days it is important to give people the experience rather than just the value. Yes, value has to happen and it comes in many forms, but like any strong Brand in a very competitive market to build your business looking at all the angles, will make you stand out from the crowd.

This group is a space for Creative to showcase work, ask questions, support each other and to be part of a growing community of quality driven enthusiasts.

If you are interested in joining Bite The Biscuit's diverse and Creative Community please check us out here.

Creative networking

I look forward to linking and collaborating with like minded people to build something we are all proud of and can really get value from.

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