Why Should I Use A Business Coach?

Why should I use a Business Coach?

Holy Mother, there are Business Coaches everywhere. It looks like a huge boat has just arrived from 'Let's be a Business Coach, Academy'.

I was at a dinner party a few weeks ago and sat hungrily around a long bench-like table. I must say I love going to dinner parties, especially when I know I will meet new people. Sitting happily across from two really lovely ladies, the topic of Career came up. 

I generally tend to be the 'listener' at dinner parties. I like to listen and learn before I decide to contribute to the conversation.  So typically I asked the question, and to my surprise both of these ladies were Life & Business Coaches. Wow! More Coaches..what's the story?




Why should I use a Business Coach?

Well, more and more people are opening their own businesses. If any of you reading this have your own business or have ever delved into the world of entrepreneurship you may probably relate to this scenario.


Monday - Still tired from working the night before. Hoping this week will be more productive than last week.

Tuesday - Trying to figure out how to post on Twitter without sounding like a prat. Hopelessly getting lost in the black hole that is Facebook! Agggggggh it is 4 o'clock...

Wednesday - Making a hit list for the week. Ok, it is Wednesday but better late than never.

Thursday - Answering emails and phone calls. Following up with leads and liaising with customers -Whooop! life is good, this is great. Feedback fab, possible new clients, just got an invoice paid. Yeaaaaaah! Work till 11pm - on a roll - Pow Wow!

Friday -  Slept in but it's ok - yesterday was such a good day. No reply from the lead yet. Adding to the to-do list. No tick off that list yet but that's ok, at least I know what I have to do.

Saturday - Family day with a few hours work after lunch. Keeping the social media account active. What to post today?

Sunday - Melt down. Computer crashed, cannot access my files. Tech support? Eh, that's me...wish I had a backup. Crap, what is on for tomorrow again.

Monday - Computer back working. Starting early, YES its gonna be a good week! Where is that list. Inbox...Oh! Lead not interested and the cheque bounced. Looks like I am back to where I was a week ago.

I wish I had someone to bounce this stuff off of, my wife is sick of listening to me and I feel like a failure. 


Mmmmmmm indeed, I have been there. So many frustrated hours feeling like a dog, running around in circles trying to catch his tail. Self-doubt, wishing you had a job with a regular income. This is hard man! 

Where to start.

What to say.

What to add to the list.

What to ignore.

Where to find customers.

How to make money.

Blah blah blah de blah

Are you in this place?  

Like me, when I had my retail businesses I struggled with this. There was never enough hours in the day and the hours I did have, were spent trying to figure out which direction to focus on.

There are only so many times you can trust your own gut when making decisions. There are only so many times you can ask family and friends what they think. The best decision I made was to hire a Coach to point me in the right direction, perhaps you do too.


Just be really careful who you work with. Finding a Coach is like finding a dentist or a GP. This person not only has to give you value, but they have to gel with you and be really passionate about your business. Make sure you evaluate well. You work hard so don't give your money to people who do not make you feel invigorated and focused.

Get clarity and feel empowered - get yourself a Business Coach.