How I Am Building Raving Fans

6 months after launch date.

After 6 months in business, I am putting in heavy hours, building and getting to know the community I wish to serve, whilst working with some pretty inspiring and driven individuals in the Creative sector.  

It is very early days for Biscuit and because there are so many different elements to this business, just like every small business, it can feel overwhelming, exhausting and a wee bit

AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH Why the f*&k am I doing this again?!!

Sometimes I wish I was in a company with a steady monthly income, peers to bounce off of and the security of being able to plan for next Christmas.

Then I think about this...

  • I am making and will make a difference to people's lives.

  • I am inspiring people to follow their dreams, of making a living from their ideas. 

  • I am bringing fun & Creativity into the Business sphere, making it more digestible for the Creative mind.

  • I am doing it my way.

Right, well that snaps me back into my world of Biscuits and I quickly forget about all that secure stuff. Bah! its over-rated right! Who wants to work 9-5, wear uncomfortable 'grown up' shoes and answer to an annoyingly smart boss, who no matter how you contribute, will never be satisfied.

I do however have those four key points above, stuck on my fridge, mirror and office wall...just to keep me focused when things get hairy.

Facial hair



So I have chosen Facebook as my medium for the first bit of Biscuits shelf life. Why? You can target so specifically to your niche with this platform.

Check out PowerEditor on there and you will see how you can drill down and really focus your efforts. I have initially chosen Facebook to build my Brand, for many reasons. 

1. The ability to target specific audiences.

2. To share stories and images easily.

3. To have an image based front for Blog posts to sit.

4. To have access to threads of conversation dated back a few weeks or even months.

5. A huge majority of my target audience are active on FB.

Once I decided on this main social media platform, yes I could have gone to Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter but for me, I needed to take one step at a time, foster it, grow it and then move onto another platform.

Twitter being the next baby to master. I am actually heading to a Workshop with The Tweeting Goddess, Samantha Kelly tomorrow in Dublin, so next week's blog will be all about the ever confusing Twit Twoo land!

After a month on my Facebook Business page and the introduction of the new algorithm which meant it was really difficult to reach your target audience, I decided to create a private group. A group specifically for Creatives to feel safe being well.....Creative.

Bite the Biscuit was born and then the magic began to unfold.

I really believe that if you have a nice market and you want to build your Brand by connecting people to it and each other, this is the way to do it.  

Do not be disillusioned, it takes alot of work, but if you follow these key tips it may take away the FEAR of Creating your own buzz.

Betting men



1. When you set the group up first with no members - invite all your FB friends who may be interested in your offering to join...of course asking Mammy, Daddy and uncle John doesn't go astray, to not feel totally demotivated at the beginning. 

2. Visit groups just like yours.Become a member. Usually, groups have a show and tell thread once a week. Every week go into the thread and email people directly making them aware of your group and giving them the link for it. They already have an interest in a similar group so they are a great target. 

3. Consistency - If you begin to facilitate a group you have to consistently put in the work. That means posting once a day and engaging quite regularly throughout the day. Making sure you are encouraging members to get involved.

4. Relevant content - Whatever your Brand stands for, make sure your Community feels this in the group. If you manage dog kennels and have a real passion for those furry lil beauties, then make sure you are posting helpful dog related content. Things that dog owners would love to know.

5. Ask questions - Use your group to find out more about your audience. You want to get to know what is paining them so you can provide solutions and information to make them feel better.

6. Once a week welcome new members by name. Do not stop once you get bigger, make this a consistent habit. People want to feel welcomed and special and what lovely way than to recognise their entry.

So if you are thinking of setting up a FB group with the vision of creating raving fans, then I hope this helps. Don't be afraid of it - go for it! It will add volumes to your Brand and you will learn so much for conversations had, but most importantly you will connect directly with your audience, building a community of like minded people - Pure Magic! 

If you fancy this blog hand-delivered to your inbox on a weekly basis shoot this over to Biscuit HQ and we shall put you on the list.