The Irish Times Article Advising Young Girls Not To Be Careful.

The Irish Times article advising young girls NOT to be careful.

I may be almost 40 years old, but I pride myself on living my life in a fearless and free way. Grasping at adventure and unplanned exploration as much as my bank account will allow me. I have, like many of you, travelled the world delving into colourful places like South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and islands spotted in the South Pacific.

Months of this exploration was done solo. 

Pre travels, I spent my youth in a vibrant and party fuelled Irish city, The Real Capital it is known as! Up At 22 I was at the top of my game with my first business, working super hard but partying even harder!

( *sigh* the memory of late night acid jazz shuffles )

For the last 20 years I have walked in twilight, I have left nightclubs to bounce home, I have been subjected to leery men (& women) and yet in all that time I have been so very lucky NOT to have been subjected to any form of physical abuse or attack. I am one of the lucky ones for sure.

My heart fell limp reading this Irish Times article written by a brave young 22 year old Irish girl. She has seen and experienced a huge amount of fear in her very young life. She informed us that she has just come back from Spain to recover from a horrendous attack and wanted to share her message to the youth of Ireland based on her experiences.

I hope she recovers physically from the attack, in a safe place. I believe there will never be a full recovery emotionally from something like this - just management of how to strengthen yourself again. 

Why this post on The Irish Times article?


'I will not tell girls not to walk alone. I will not tell them to be careful ' 

I understand this statement from a 22 year old girl who is making a stand for the female adventurer. A strong and opinionated individual fighting her corner like we all did at that age. This I understand and empathise with.

To be featured in The Irish Times with a powerful message, encouraging young girls to not feel fear. To walk alone at night, as a movement of some sort. This I do not think is the best way of empowerment. 

Awareness and feeling the fear of walking alone at 5am does not necessarily box you off as one who....

'....locks themselves indoors or imprison themselves by studying only the familiar.'

How about educating people of both genders, on how to protect themselves as they walk home at night. The landscape has always been predatory, and now more than ever there are more vultures circling the social skies.

Should it stop the female adventurer? Absolutely not.

The reality though is that these types of attacks are happening and unless you equip yourself with the tools and common practice of how to survive in a safe way, your brave explorations will stop. 

Then there will be NO more adventures just damaged brave adventurers.

sad lonely girl


In your business life when you set out to launch your product or service to your chosen market, there is a fear of failure. A cautious thought stream that makes you execute with care and embrace the planning process. Surely, our survival safety net should take this type of precedence too.

I urge the youth of this society to feel fear and embrace it. Do not let it stop you create or explore but feel it none the less. Yes we want to kick fear in the ass, as fear is the biggest immobiliser there is but, we do not want to ignore it and to push forward onto the early morning deserted roads flying the flag for fearlessness. To who's expense?

Take precaution - whether it is a market research study on your chosen audience or a short taxi ride home at 5am. The objective is to preserve and educate yourself so you can stay positive, focused and be ready to take on the world - one step at a time.

To round this up, I want to point out to all who are on their way to travel through South East Asia or take a jungle adventure or setting up their first business.

  • Keep eyes and ears open

  • Be careful

  • Read and listen to everything all around you

  • Do not ever be afraid to ask for help even if it is to grab your friend from the dance floor to walk home with you

  • Never stop your adventure

  • Always trust your gut feeling

  • Bravery does not equal survival

So to challenge a courageous and yes damaged young girl, in no means being disrespectful to her point of view.

Yes be careful and if you do walk alone, choose your timing and if your mission in life is to wave that flag of independence, then do yourself a favour - educate your body for it.

I recommend these top 10 self-defence martial arts to begin your journey. 

martial arts

The world need you more than you know, so make sure you feel the fear, kick it in the ass and keep creative! 

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