Is your Creative mind suffering from Social overload like mine?

FacebookTwitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Periscope, Podcasts, Blog posts, Blog forums, Blog Smog, Subscription sites, Fb Groups…

The solution?

Start all of them, close your eyes, hope for the best then quickly find a large mountain of sand. Stick your head in there and breath.

Do you feel like cultivating a large sand pit sanctuary? Somewhere the Creative mind can go and de-plug from the guilt of not being super duper shiny ass Social queen! I know I do. 

How many emotions do you experience in a working day?

I find when I am not focused, the amount of social overload triggers the very many personalities that make up my Creative being.

Frustration. Excitement. Possibility. Fear. Confusion. Paralysis.

How much pressure do we put ourselves under to engage, to perform so transparently on every platform ever created? I wake in the morning with so many Creative ideas from the night before's slumber. I dream of Creating value and really powerful content to inspire and help the Artist who wishes to evolve into a Creative Entrepreneur. This is my calling in life. It always has been, but it has taken 19 years to find its way to these fingers.

The obstacle?

Becoming  Alice in Wonderland and falling down that rabbit hole of Social time warp.  

How easy is it to get swallowed by the intense amount of content, of opinion, of imagery and comedy. Yes, it is all so addictive, pleasurable and relevant. 

Relevant to build an online and an offline business. 

So why is it an obstacle?

lost cat

Creatives are guilt ridden.

It is in our nature to produce and create amazing things. To have an impact, to alter reality, to open the mind. 

But fear and guilt keep us trapped in a world where we are never doing enough.

  • We are not producing enough.
  • We are not social enough.
  • We don't have enough Twitter followers.
  • No one liked our last post.
  • We are not as good as the ‘other’ Creative who we stalk on Facebook every hour.
  • We are not using the new platform like EVERYONE else is!

Sound familiar?

So let’s try to find the solution for this.

It is not a sand pit sanctuary even though I kinda like the sound of this one!!

I heard a quote the other day and it resonated with me.


I would love to see the word PERFECTION struck out of our language.It is the most dangerous of all.

Practice makes Perfect son!

Are you off your game?? there is no such thing! 

Stop searching for it and stop looking out. 

Look in.

See what YOU can bring to your world and put a cute pair of shiny ass blinkers on Alice.  We need to focus on our work, our vision, our dream and stop trying to live someone else's.

So if you get nothing from today's post but this….


  • Read a few blog posts.
  • Like and share.
  • Watch something funny that makes you giggle.
  • Retweet/Share some interesting content.
  • Engage a wee bit.
  • Set a time and turn it off.
  • Focus on YOUR vision, on the dream you had last night of what you want to Create. 
black and white clock

What were those Visions, those ideas the ones that made you feel like you are helping your Business grow.

Work on your vision board.

Finish that piece of Art you so desperately want to get to Market.

Take photos of your work

Write a blog post for YOUR site

Do some work on your website

Enjoy the Creative process and leave Social alone!

Now pick a time, set your alarm and do not enter that rabbit hole till that alarm goes off.

Close all the windows down and focus! 

apple mac

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Keep Creative,

Tara x