You Don't Have To Be A Morning Person To Be Successful.

Are you doomed in your professional life because you do not wake up at 6am, lift weights and juice kale?

Do you feel like your DNA will not allow you to be that high profile achiever, rocking the Entrepreneurial world. We are bombarded with evidence that the early riser is more productive, and more in tune with their bodies, but what if you just can't shake that late night energy rush. The one that stops you climb the stairs at 10pm. 

Does this mean you will never be successful, y'know like the super duper successful people, the ones that get up really early! 

We were all cajoled out of bed every morning for school. The holidays gave us a little bit of leeway but for the most part, it was engrained in us to get up early and get moving! As I tunnelled my way through school life I figured out that studying late at night when the house was quiet, was the best time for me. 

( ok I spent most of my time playing guitar and dreaming about Johnny Depp kidnapping me but anyway...)

So before we all sign up for medical trials on how to reprogram a sleepy morning brain, consider this; early birds do catch lots of worms, but there are nocturnal creatures you can eat too!

One Spanish study suggests that night owls who sleep in, are maybe more intelligent than their day-bound peers, and Italian researchers found evidence that "evening types" maybe more creative. Eh up? - there is a link to Creativity...go on.

Researchers from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan found that night people are more likely to develop Creative solutions to problems than morning people. Marina Giampietro found that night owls maybe more Creative because...

" Staying up late may encourage the development of a non-conventional spirit and of the ability to find alternative and original solutions. "

Do you create your best work at night?

Take solace, you are not alone. Research suggests that this is typical of the Creative mind.

Why so? Perhaps because we thrive on adaptation to living outside the norm.

Who wants the 9-5 box right?

So on that note if you are a night owl and feel like you are the only one staring at your screen happily when all are asleep, then check this out.

There is a "Night Owl Society" which was created by an illustrative designer after 12 years working in the Industry. He found he worked so much better at night and his colleagues and peers had the same nocturnal habit.

His name is Von Glitschka - here is the link to join his facebook group.

To conclude

  • Figure out what works for you and your Creative process.
  • Do not feel like you have to follow the guide books, if it doesn't feel right.
  • Never believe you cannot be a success. If you have the vision, go and get it, your way!
  • Just like you want to wear trainers, to that networking event, do it. Do not try to be something you are not.

I am off to make a large caffeine fuelled beverage, slip on my fur-lined slippers and sit happily for the evening in my office. Yup, this feels just right.

Let me know what time of the day you work best, I would love to hear.

Keep Creative

Tara x

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