How To Plan Your Blog

What is stopping you Blog?

We all know we should be Blogging. It is the main driver to our website and we can re-purpose this content all over our social media platforms. It gives us a chance to share experience, knowledge and to give our readers an insight into our business and our Brand.

What stops us from Blogging on a regular basis then?

1. Where to start?

2. What to talk about?

3. How to write?

4. Accountability!


This is a good starting point, right?

And yes we can go on and delve into this too....

1. Fear of sounding like a twat

2. Struggling with punctuation and grammar ( Oh! Why didn't I listen in English class!! )

3. Finding the time to research, write and market my Blog.

I know about all of the above, and so does every Blogger across the planet.

We are all human just like you.

  • Can you become a regular Blogger - YES!
  • Can you find your voice and get into a Blogging habit - YES!
  • Can you have your cake and eat it? YES!!!

Here are my top tips for how to plan your Blog and get traffic to your site.


You can procrastinate on this one till the cows come home - MOO!

It took me 18 months to finally gather up the courage to press publish. Just keep this in your mind; for the first few months nobody will read your work. Ok family and friends perhaps, but your Industry peers and potential customers will know nothing of your Blog.

Use this starting point just to get used to writing and pressing that dreaded SAVE & PUBLISH button. You can do it!



I have had arguments or discussions as I like to call 'them', about this one. Some say you have to write with 'proper' language and not use slang. You 'cannot' and you 'should not' are top of the subject matter. 

What do I say about this?

You decide. Put earplugs in and ignore anyone's advice. If you are a person who believes that slang should not exist - then why use it? If you couldn't give a rats arse about 'proper' language, then there is your answer.

Just keep the following in your mind when deciding on how you write.

  • Today we live in a different business landscape. A landscape where CEO's come to meetings in t-shirts & trainers. ( Yay! )
  • A Blog is not a research paper or an article for The Harvard Business Review.
  • A Blog is an informal, typically conversational style of writing to engage your visitor to you and your Brand.


  • Be authentic. ( This is difficult but I just pretend that I am talking to myself. If people do not like how you write then they will not engage. At least you are being YOU! That is the important bit. )
  • When you write you need to write like you think and like you talk.
  • Never push yourself to be someone you are not.

DILEMMA: If you never use slang and enjoy the beauty of colourful and expressive language, but your target market are, 18 year old skateboarders, then use image to express your Brand.

Back it up with less text and get Creative!




This is the toughest part of working solo. Because you have nobody to answer to except that human in the mirror, procrastination is the devil on your back.

Guess what? 

Social Media can be your accountability partner. Give yourself a realistic target of how many times you can write a blog in a month. The minimum is once a month. This is a great starting point. 

I want you to make sure that when you write your first Blog or get back into the Blogging seat again, that you sign off with giving the reader the notification of when the next blog will be posted up. 

When you post your Blog on Social Media you write something like;

' Hey check out our monthly Blog about Baby Fashion ' or ' Need advice on Eyebrow styling, then every two weeks our Blog will help you! '

Give a timeline to yourself on what your readers will expect. Now you are Accountable for it. Put it in your calendar and get Habit Making.



Blog planning is an inspirational exercise and as Creatives it is FUN to be inspired right! 

Here are the tools I use to make Blog Planning ( Jeez, I feel like a toilet architect when I read that back! ) 

1. BUFFER - Halleluaaaaah! This is my new best friend ( sigh, virtual life! ) This enables you to save posts/articles of interest and queue it up for your social media schedule. YUP YUP THIS ROCKS!!!

2. BUZZOMU - Check this tool out - it gives you a outline of what is being downloaded, shared and liked from around the internet. Use this for deciding on topics, headings & content. 

3. LISTEN TO CONVERSATIONS - This can be online or on the bus. Keep your ears open and listen to what conversations are happening around you. This will inspire you to write and also keep you in tune with what language and topics real people are engaging with.

4. KEEP YOUR EAR & EYES OPEN TO WHAT IS HAPPENING AROUND YOU - Topical subjects are always of interest. Look at what is happening around you, what is being discussed in the media and give your angle on it.

Just make sure that what ever you write about comes back to your core message.

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