If The Artists Starve Then We All Go Hungry.

Brown Eyed Boy

Have you ever sat in a loud grungy bar fuelled with alcohol, happily sitting sandwiched between an attractive brown-eyed artist and a pissed musician? 

The conversation leads to the plight of the Artist.

The revolution against Commercialism

Yes, I do have an issue with Corporations who JUST focus on profit alone. Not purely from an ethical view point, but from a business perspective.  Just like the need to present yourself in a suit and tie is dying, the vision and morals of business are being transformed into a more 'social' entity.

Take Salesforce, a global software company who gives 1% of their profits to charity every year and their global team dedicate 720,000 hours of community service, which is mandatory to work in this 'evil' commercial enterprise. 

People that 'sell' their Art, sell their souls. 

Back to the grungy bar and cute boys...

I remember such scenarios and ok it was back in early 2000 but it always struck a chord with me. Coming from an Entrepreneurial home where dinner time was filled with discussions of ideas, innovation and how to provide value, I found these conversations uncomfortable and usually ended up forfeiting any chance of kissing the brown eyed dude, or igniting an argument.

Maturity taught me to just change seat. The joy of getting older. 

During many an 'arty student' evening, I sat and listened. Observed the thought process and the lack of confidence in what being an "Artist" was all about. After all - who takes the Art world as a serious profession right? 

"When are you getting a 'proper job'? " 

"Art school is for drop outs that want to smoke dope and hang out "

What interested me then and even now, is that unknown to the Creative themselves this underground 'Brand' of being an 'Artist' has had a huge effect on the confidence and ambition of young Artists globally.

The Starving Artists Mentality.

  • Starving makes me a better Artist. 
  • Money is evil.
  • The Big Break will come. 
  • Marketing is a pugs game.
  • I don’t need training 
  • My family & friends say I am amazing. 

Non-Creative practitioners may say;

  • A cop out!
  • An excuse to avoid reality.
  • Lazy feckers wanting hand outs.
  • Spoilt children born with a silver spoon.

I do not buy that.

A Creative mind is programmed to Create. Unlike other professions like teachers, lawyers, accountants and sales reps the Creative mind is always on. To understand this in more detail please read this post by a fellow Biscuit, Amanda Grace of Pilgrim Soul Studios.

How can we ensure that this Starving Artist mindset is dispelled from our Creatives?  After all, Creativity feeds the soul of our society and if there is a drought, we will go hungry.

I will talk about how Biscuit is on this mission.

To inspire, to educate and to feed the Artists soul like they feed ours. 

Check out what some of  Biscuits Creatives have experienced to date. 


Talk next week.