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Blog Awards 2015, Dublin 

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Yes, indeedy this young Blog has been shortlisted for a Blog Award. It felt really nice to get that email. I had spotted all the YAY's and WHOOP's online of other Bloggers who had been longlisted. No 'longlist' email came through, so I pushed the possibility aside. 

" Awww well Tar, keep at it anyway and ignore the Blog Awards...sniff. "

Totally unexpectedly in came the Shortlist email. Delighted, then I looked at the list of competitors and straight away in came the doubting thoughts.

Sure I am not at it long enough, I am not consistent enough, my content is not valuable enough, my arse is too big!? ( yup that always gets shoved in there, top of the firing range )

Of course this is a defence mechanism, sure I know myself pretty well. Protect and preserve, right? Do not build up the desire to win something because if you are not on top of that mountain you cannot fall, so don't even tempt to climb it.

Jahsis, as I write this how silly it seems, yet also quite logical.

Why do we not want to fall? 

What is wrong with falling? 

The pain of defeat, the embarrassment of not achieving, feeling inadequate, stupid, crap at punctuation!! 

Why do we focus on the fall and not enjoy the climb and the excitement of it all?


So this is a message out there to all of you who dream about being on top of that mountain. It is OK to fall. When you fall you will learn how to climb with more strength, more power and when you get to the top again you have more of a chance of staying there until you are ready to descend.

I know we hear this advice all the time. Failure is good. The Americans love to shout about this, yet it is ingrained in our Irish culture to not acknowledge failure, in a positive light. Dismissing people that have failed, go to the naughty corner.

Eh up! The people that have failed and are getting back onto that climbing frame are the ones to pat on the back. It takes courage and sheer determination to do that. 

I guess we need to redefine success internally to make this shift happen.

Work in progress.

Just to mention Taytos.

If you have fallen and feel like you can never get back up there - you are wrong. Keep your passion strong, stay focused on your vision and don't give up until you are kicked out of bed for eating Taytos. ( to those who are confused with this sentence...this is a saying here in Ireland. You are good enough to get away with eating Taytos in bed. Taytos being the Irish guilty crisp pleasure - they are so yum )

On that note, if you had a chance to Vote for this wee Blog - Thanks a million!

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