Master your ABOUT PAGE

The Power Of Your About Page

You will understand how to set up 'The About Page' on your Website, so it works smarter for your business. 

You are putting your Website together or have it on your hit list, to revamp and give more attention to it.

  • Homepage - Check.
  • Testimonials - Check.
  • Contact - Check.
  • Blog - Check.
  • About - Aaaaaaggggggggh! 

Sound familiar?

Ok so here is the thing. The About Page is one of the top visited pages on your site. Head into your Google Analytics or the metric part of the back end of your site, and see what is actually going on in there.

If you are just starting out on the Website path then let me explain how The About Page actually should work.

If you think logically as a human, the step by step journey looks something like this.

1. A visitor lands on your website. How? Via a blog post, a referral, google or a social media share of interest. Something brings them to you.

2. They land on your homepage or your blog page. Once a visitor has an interest the next obvious step is this. A person will want to learn more ABOUT the person/company behind the service or product.

Always remember, in this economy people buy from   people they KNOW, LIKE & TRUST.

Big companies are trying to be smaller. It is about communication and intimacy. It is about Replying, Listening and it is about the Conversation. Being an entrepreneur running a small business has never been so powerful.

3. The visitor lands on your About Page to find out more about the offering, the person(s) behind the creation, how to contact you and if your ethos and philosophies match theirs.

"Can I do business with this type of person?"


Why the heck is it so difficult to write an About page?

Here are the three most popular pain points for the Creative Entrepreneur.

1. We are not naturally good at blowing our own trumpet

2. There is a grey area with this question: Do we write in first person or third person ?

3. The grey spills out into this pot too. Where do we draw the line with image / video, with my kids?  no kids with my dog? inn a suit (What is that?) Informative? Funny ?...

These are the elements which urge most of us to copy and paste our CV, lob an image from Facebook where we look relatively stylish, press save and exit very quickly. 

'About Page Amnesia' kicks in and that is the end of that!

This is the BIGGEST MISTAKE most Entrepreneurs make on their Websites.

I have created a checklist for you so you have something to bounce off of when you go in to re-do your About Page or you are about to attack the Creation process of this very important part of your Website.

Good luck with the changes. I would love to know how you are getting on so feel free to email me on I would be happy to look over your edits and to give my recommendations.

Have a wonderful week.

Until next week.