10 reasons why done is better than perfect!

Who is this post written for?

  • The Creative, waiting to perfect her core offering.
  • The Observer, criticising those who are putting theirs out there.

I want to teach you something VERY important.

This is a mindset that separates the achievers from the dreamers. You decide where your business will go and only you can bring this vision to life. You need to engage with the following thought process to build the life less ordinary.




1. There is no such thing as perfect.

It is a term we use quite regularly and I find myself biting my tongue as a parent now. I feel like this is where the dangerous self worth seed is planted.


Imposter syndrome.

Why? Because we are chasing something that does not exist.

" Perfect! "  Agggggggh but there is no such thing. Why do we even have it in the dictionary? 



Give me a break! This goes against everything I believe in. 

Stop telling children they are 'perfect' or what they are doing in just 'perfect'...please. 



Why are there so many people out there not following their dreams? Not acting on their vision ( even if it seems totally crazy ) fear yes, but fear of what?

  • Being laughed at?
  • Being ridiculed?
  • Being told that their offering is shite?

And then what?

  • Feeling low.
  • Stupid. 
  • Not Creative. 

Then what?

  • Projects and dreams are put to the side.
  • Nothing is finished or even begun.

That is why I say - just put it out there and keep improving your offering.


3. productivity breeds productivity

When you begin to Create whether it is your first blog post or your first painting, it gives you that edge to keep on producing. The more you Create the easier it gets, the standard improves and so you feel like you are getting somewhere. A year ago I had no Blog - now I have over 50 posts and was in the finalist of The Blog Awards. 

Give yourself a productivity boost- just START!


4. use your work as a research tool

Why not start looking at your projects as research. Do not position your work or the marketing around what you do, as the holy grail. It is a strategy to get feedback and improve. The best way to succeed is to listen to the customer.

How do you do this?

  • Put your work out there and ask their opinion. 
  • Embrace criticism this is how you grow.
  • Expect it then there will be no disappointment.


5. your target audience are not you

No matter how alike ye may be, do not ever presume your audience consumes and looks at your work like you do. They will take from it what they need at that particular time in their lives.

They will not look at all the faults in your work like you do.

This is about them not you.

Remember that.


6. if noone sees it, then it doesnt exist

So many Creative people have projects, ideas and work sitting in their studio, in attics and in a pretty inactive Social profile. Here is the thing: if no one sees your work then you will never get that recognition you deserve PLUS your audience will never get the chance to experience your offering.

It may not be 'bah spit Perf..eee..nope sorry I cannot say that word ' but if you do not put it out there to test the market, then you are doing not only Creativity an injustice, but your future customers.

Is that fair?


7. consistent creation of work

When you get used to consistently creating work, your audience will grow to know you, know your work and a link will appear. A link that connects authenticity to you and what you do.

A genuine love for what you do not only inspires others but emotionally connects them to you. 

It is not always about your offering, people need to feel the connection to the creator. This my friend, will make you stand out in all this noise.

If you need a helping hand with how to use Social Media to showcase what you do, check out my upcoming Free Webinar.


8. Keep the motivation up by finishing 

If you work on something too long, that bright fuzzy feeling you get at the beginning of a project dies out. Your motivation sizzles ( ooh bring on the zz's) and work becomes a bit of a drain.

Keep your fuzziness and Creative juices pouring by finishing one and starting another. Keep producing.


9. the first version is always pretty awful

Excuse me? My work - awful?

Eh yes.

Think about all the drafts of books that went onto become best sellers.

Think about all the versions of lyrics, melodies and instrumentals it took to create a platinum selling album!

Do you think the first version is the one we hear about ? No, but they are necessary to create that piece. 

First versions will assist you to refine what you do. Whether it be a blog, your retail space, your course - whatever you are creating - start, learn, improve.

And finally...


10. the results are inspiration for the next project

If you get a bad review or you feel people did not dig your offering, do not dwell on it. ( This is difficult for sure ) Use this negativity and flip it over to help you progress. Try to talk to these guys and figure out what you can improve on.

You do the work because you love the process and you will get the desired outcome, in time. Results no matter what they are, will inspire you to move forward.


If you are struggling to get your work out there please hop over to our Creative Community Bite The Biscuit. This is a safe place to get used to showcasing, or as we like to call it ' Showing Off ' your work.

Otherwise drop me an email on tara@biscuit.ie and tell me what you are struggling with in your business right now.

Now go put it out there - you can do it!