Bold Biscuit Bird Girl


This is a different kind of

Blog Post from me...moo!


You might have noticed I have been a bold girl lately and have not posted my weekly Blog.


Well, I have been working hard on managing a new project and one of the negatives of this dedication, is that my Blog schedule got fecked out the window.


There I said it. I know =  Bold Biscuit Girl! 


Up until now I have been writing a weekly Blog post and I always bang on about consistency with content. Be consistent with your Blog, be consistent with your Social! So off to the naughty step for me.

In my defence though I kind of justify this 'missing blog' because of the transition I am now in, with my business.

What are you talking about?


Ok so, up until January I had been working as a 1 : 1 Mentor and Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs. This is all going to change as I have decided to become a professional bird. ( Oh jahsis, here I go again with my Mum's strange imagination gene! * falling around the place laughing at myself* ) 


Back to Blog, Back to Blog.....


This is all going to change as Biscuit is almost ready to launch a new and exciting product to the market. If you are a seasoned Biscuit then you already know about The Biscuit Factory and have more than likely registered your interest. 

If you happened to miss the Facebook Group call out, email OR are new to Biscuit and have stumbled across this blog post looking for Biscuit recipes...

(SURPRISE! They ain't here my friend)

* Then, a quick update on what The Biscuit Factory is all about. *

( Skip down the page if you know about The Factory! )

The Biscuit Factory is an online platform for Creative Entrepreneurs to educate, inspire & collectively network.


The Factory will facilitate a Community driven space which will host courses on...

  • Marketing,
  • Sales,
  • Branding,
  • SEO,
  • Content creation,
  • Social Media to name a few.

The Factory will also provide

  • Accountability,
  • Support,
  • and the most important bit of all, it will provide a safe space for the Creatives to connect with like minded people.

This will encourage collaboration, shared resources and a Community that can change the way we do business. 

If you would like to be kept in the loop of when the Factory is being launched then register your interest here. 


Ok so now that is out of the way, to all of you that have been patient and want answers to the top 3 questions asked from the Biscuit community.


Dive in here and shoot me an email if ya need any more info. 


Q: What happens in the BETA ?

This period is where we test the functionality of the platform, how the content is delivered, we listen to feedback and suggestions made by founding members and we collectively make this platform super duper, for the main global launch in 3 months time.


Q: What kind of content do we get?

There are 3 main content categories in The Factory right now. 

NB if you want a deeper dive into these categories click here.

1. Discussion

There are several forums within the platform which are segmented into categories. To begin the categories are : 

General chat 

Accountability Partnership Programme



Feedback on projects


2. Courses

Every two weeks over the BETA period a new course will be added to The Factory. The first course inside is 'How To Get PR For Your Creative Business'. 

A step by step tutorial with actionable guidance. 

3. Power of Community

Let's SAVE MONEY as a Creative Community YAY!


Q. What are the packages?

For the BETA period, there will be a monthly and quarterly package. Note that if you sign up in BETA as a founder of The Factory - this cost will never EVER change.

So when the Factory is populated with:

  • 40 hours of training,
  • Saves you 50 quid a month on business costs
  • Provides you with connections to Creative Entrepreneurs from all over the world...

 YOU as a Founder will never be asked to increase your payment.

Monthly cost : $25 per month

Quarterly cost : $65


There is a lot going on - and boy oh boy will it only get better and better with more value to you on a Personal, Professional and Pocket level.




Off to sit in the naughty corner.