How to overcome FEAR of failure.

You know that feeling right! 

Lying awake on a Sunday night thinking about all the things you are going to do on Monday morning.

  • You are going to write that Blog post you have been putting off,
  • You are going to do a live stream video on Facebook and
  • You are going to make that call to the Press you have been playing around with.

Monday morning hits and you haven't slept well, your hair is yuk and you feel like shit.

  • It is not the right day to do that video.
  • You haven't the right focus to make that call
  • And low and behold there is nothing coming to you Creatively, for that Blog post.

It is pushed aside and you comfortably retreat to your studio and familiar bench to make.

  • This is where you want to be.
  • This is your sweet spot.
  • Why can't all the other stuff just go away?

Agh yeah, I hear ya!

But reality check, if you want to grow your business and Brand in today's over-crowded and loud environment - retreating back is not going to move you forward.

I know you know this already.

This is common sense and we all know this and before you put yourself into The Naughty Corner and whip your back with liquorice ( ?) I hear this EVERY day from Creative Entrepreneurs.

So let's try and figure out how we can help this issue.


" What issue are ya on about ya mad Cork woman? "

The issue of FEAR - that fear of failure!

  • Fear of writing a crap Blog and feeling ' not good enough'.
  • Fear of being told there is no room for your product in this marketplace.
  • Fear that someone somewhere will confirm your inner most secret - that you are actually not very talented. 
  • Fear you will look back on your live stream and cringe trying desperately to find the delete button.

The list goes on.

I want you to listen to this promise me you are going to try the following suggestion.

Let me know how this goes. or you can hop over to Bite The Biscuit for a cuppa.