I talk to Creatives about their businesses, aspirations, visions and desires ( woohoo! ) on a daily basis. About where they would love to see their Creative work, how it would make them feel to actually be recognised for their creations and god forbid, being comfortable getting paid for their work.

 As conversations continue across the globe, something I cannot ignore keeps coming up.

Because we work in a very visual and emotionally driven niche ( being mental in other words ) there is a consistent link to feeling not Creative enough, not cool enough...just not enough.

I am aware that in Bite The Biscuit, which is a very active and supportive Community of Creatives, that passive members in the group may feel under pressure when others get all cocky ( highly encouraged in our Box ) and Show Off.

It can feel intimidating and when we begin eyeballing other people's work these pain in the hole thoughts start creeping in...

I am not good enough to Show Off.

Look at their amazing work - Bastards.

Is it too early to open the wine?

Are you with me? 


NB:  To those of you scratching your head wondering

' Agh no I have nits!! followed by what is yer one on about... Biting Biscuits ? '

** Please read **

Bite The Biscuit is a private Creative Community which lives on Facebook. It is a safe place for Creatives to feel supported, inspired and encouraged to embrace their weird side. 

We like to get all Cocky and sweaty on Fridays = SHOW OFF FRIDAY!

If you are a Creative in business or want to start something then here is your link to The Box. 


Now that that is out of the way, let's continue.

Ok, where were we?

Oh yeah, I am totally crap at all things Creative! 

I have always battled with this inner critic.  I think it goes hand in hand with being a Creative / human. Like right now I am in BETA with Biscuits new project The Biscuit Factory and every day  ( total exaggeration, not EVERY day...every third of fourth day ) I say to myself...


  • ' What if I disappoint me Biscuits ? '
  • ' What if they come inside and think it feels all weird? ( eh that is actually a positive thing!) ' 
  • ' I will never be able to build enough content like Carrie Green or Marie Forleo they are the pro's right, how can I compete with them? '


But then I look at the Vision for what The Factory is all about and I believe.

( love story soundtrack ) 


I believe in the power of Community,

I believe we can change the future, of how Creatives do business.

I BELIEVE in myself.

And I want you to BELIEVE in you too.

I know it is difficult sometimes.

One day YUP you are on it.

The next you wonder what the hell..?

Something that has really helped me in this area is to surround yourself with Big Thinkers. If you keep talking to people that look at you, rolling their eyes and mumbling under their breath....

'She is a total fruitcake to think she can make a business from banana pencils!!' 

You will never get there.

You will never live that life you want. OOoooh I know instead you can work in the local shop, filling small brown bags with cola bottles and time yourself to see how fast you can separate them. Yeay! Then 'those' eyerollers will understand you right!

Point made. 


Here are 3 steps to get your head ready for this! 


1. First step?

Find a group that understands you. Hop in here Box


2. Next step?

Get focused on your vision. What is it you want to create?  This goes beyond your business.

Think lifestyle - what does a happy life mean to you. Write it down.

Think legacy - what do you want to be remembered for. Your kindness, your Creativity, your smile, what you changed in your neighbourhood...something bigger? 

Think impact - how can  you improve the lives of people in the locality, in your home, in  your country, in the world?


Whatever your thoughts are on these areas: that is your driver.

Put Biscuit Blinkers on and don't think you 'should' be aiming for world domination, when all you want is to Create, and be able to do so comfortably.


Success is defined by what makes you happy.

Not money. Not fame. Not status. 

That is bullshit.

Success is feeling inner joy at the person you have become. 


3. Map it out.

I use a great tool for this process.



Vision = To Get Fit.

What key steps do I need to do to make this happen?  In Coggle you can write all the steps you need to take and in each step, you can put in actions to take that step.

Take a look at a sample of a Coggle.

The key thing with our Creative brains is to get it out of our heads and to make a plan.

Otherwise nothing gets done except lunchtime wine drinking! 

Never think you are not smart enough. Not Creative enough. Of course, you can do this, if you stop moaning and just do it.



Que more romantic movie music.

Now go Coggle!

Drop me an email and tell me how shit hot you are.

I dare ya!