How to build a Community on Facebook.

How do you build an engaged Community around your Brand?

I get asked this quite a bit!

This time last year I had zero people in my Facebook Community, Bite The Biscuit. Now it sits at 1070 and growing daily. This didn't happen straight away, a lot of time and energy went into this Community and still does.

It is the core of Biscuit's Community driven ethos and belief that, progression comes from surrounding yourself with like-minded people. 

Let me share some of my top tips that made this Community happen but first, I want to share a question I received last week to

Why is Bite The Biscuit private group such a huge part of your Business Strategy? 

Ok let's look at this question. If you are building your business or wanting to launch more online activity around your Brand, Facebook groups are one of the most effective ways to do this. 

My platform of choice is Facebook for a few reasons.

1. Facebook has currently 1550 MILLION daily active users! ( Enough said ) 

2. Facebook allows you to run very targeted campaigns to your chosen audience.

3. My audience sits on Facebook.

4. I like using Facebook.



Business Strategy

My business is just over a year old and during this time I have been working 1:1 with small business owners in the Creative sector. I have listened, learned and evolved as a business strategist and teacher.

The choice to build a Community around what I do was a deliberate one.


  1. Personally, I craved to be around like-minded Creatives. I spent time catapulting myself in and out of networking events, workshops and mastermind groups, all which proved disappointing. Sure I met hard working, ambitious people but not the people that 'get me' 'get my vision' and more importantly were on my wave length.
  2. As a research tool. I want to serve Creatives, so now I listen, ask questions and learn what is needed.
  3. To have a Community of engaged people who I can get to know and filter engaged members who would be interested in product offerings via opt in's and trainings.
  4. To build a list. The money is in the healthy list and having an engaged targeted niche enables effective list building. 
  5. To establish authority within my chosen niche.


So that is pretty much the WHY!

Now the juicy stuff -  let's dive into the HOW!

How to build a Community on Facebook. 



I have put together a cheat sheet for you - you can grab it here. In this cheat sheet I will share with you the key strategies I used to build an engaged community from zero to 1k+ in 10 months. 

You will be able to launch a Facebook group from this cheat sheet which will give more depth to your Brand. Facebook business pages are pretty lame for engagement ( did I just say lame? ) but their function comes dressed in a different suit.

Business pages are kind of like a business card on steroids. They are necessary to give some identity to your business but they are powerful because Facebook Business Pages are your main advertising tool.

To keep your Social Media platforms looking healthy whilst not ruining your life, I have put together a Social Media calendar and workbook to make it easy for you.

In this Workbook you will learn the following key things :

  1. How to automise and put a system in place for your Social Media activity.
  2. What is the real deal using hashtags! #whatthefuckisahashtag 
  3. How to make the best out of Social when you have an event or promotion coming up.
  4. How to create a theme every month to build your Brand.
  5. How to work smarter not harder with your content.
  6. What type of content works best.
  7. Organising quotes and images for your activity.

I have laid it out simply and with clarity. You will get planning charts you can print out and fill in with your weekly content. I recommend you use these bad boys and stick them up next to your computer.

There is nothing more powerful when you sit at your computer to schedule your content and you have a reference on the wall, so you know exactly what you should be posting and why.

Not only will it make the process less of a complete head wreck but it will give your Brand an aligned Social strategy. In other words what you post will make more sense to your audience and will take them on a route to your goal.

You can download this planner and use it over and over.

Have fun with it and remember that once you set it up, you will save time and space in that wonderful brain of yours.

Please let me know how you are getting on with it and email me if you have any questions on

I would love to hear from you.

You can also tweet me @bitethebiscuit or message me in our community Bite The Biscuit.